Friday, July 03, 2009

Brand Update : Idea

Idea has launched another campaign extending its core idea of " An Idea can Change your life ". This time the brand has chosen a funny tale to drive home its positioning. 

Watch the new ad here : Walk the Talk

The new campaign revolves around the theme " Walk when you talk " urging the mobile users to walk while they talk and there by be more healthy. 

The ad is funny and Abhishek Bachchan is at his  best. The brand and the celebrity co-existed perfectly well without eclipsing each other. 

One should really appreciate Idea for being consistent with its positioning. The brand reaped the rewards also. " An idea can change your life " has become a common usage. 

Marketing a cellular service is a complex task. The prepaid segment which dominates the market is a highly volatile segment with little or no brand loyalty. Consumers look at the plans and coverage quality and some times acts as a grasshopper making life difficult for marketers. 

Brand managers spent on their brand building activities hoping that when plans become commoditized , consumers will give more value to the brand .

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