Monday, February 02, 2009

Unibic : You Deserve a Great Day

Brand : Unibic
Company : Unibic India
Agency : G3 ( Sister concern of Grey)

Brand Analysis Count : 376

I used to notice this brand of biscuit when I shop at the supermarket. But I did not buy since I thought it was an imported one. But to my surprise, I found it to be Indian -made when I checked the label. Now I am even more surprised to know that Unibic is one of the reputed biscuit manufacturers in the world.

Unibic is a Australian company established in 1950 known for manufacturing specialty biscuits and cookies. Unibic came to India in 2005. The company now have three brands : Anzac, Bradman and Butter Cookies.

Unibic is targeting the premium segment of the Rs 8000 crore biscuit market in India. The premium segment is only Rs 400 crore but offers a potential for growth in future.

The brand came to India with its two brands : Bradman and Anzac. Both these brands has an interesting story to tell.
Bradman cookies is chocolate chip cookies launched specifically in India. The company got the rigthts to use the name of the Legendary Don Bradman for this cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookies were the favorite cookies of this cricketing legend and Unibic got the rights from the Bradman Foundation.
Bradman Cookies was launched during the Bradman 20/20 cricket match held in 2005. But the brand went in for trouble with the Bradman family disputing the use of the legend's name for cookies.

Anzac is an interesting brand aswell. Infact when I saw this brand in the supermarket, I was not impressed with the brand name. It was a unusual name for a biscuit. But after reading about this brand, I am sure going to buy some.
Anzac stands for Australian & New Zealand Army Corps....
Yes.. .Anzac is a soldier's biscuit. This brand has a historical connection with the Army.
The story is that during the 1914 World War I , a new batallion was formed between Australian and New Zealand Armies which was called Anzac .
Anzac fought a heroic war in the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey. The war was a costly failure.
The legend is that the wives, mothers and sweethearts of the Anzac soldiers lovingly baked soldier's biscuits which became known as Anzac biscuits.

Unibic launched Anzac biscuits to celebrate the tireless work of these ladies who baked the biscuits so that their loved ones could brave the tough times.

Unibic uses a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Anzac biscuits to help the war widows and those soldiers who lost their limbs during wars.

In India too, Unibic follows the same principle. 3% of the sales of Anzac biscuits are used to help war widows and Jawans who are in need of artifical limbs. ( source : unibic website)

Unibic follows a social marketing principle for all its brands. Globally , the company supports such social initiatives through association with various charitable organizations.

On the promotional side, the brand is not an aggressive promoter compared to its competitors. Infact some of their advertisements landed them into trouble in the past.
When Unibic was launched, it directly pitted itself against the market leader Britannia .
The tagline of Unibic was " Why have a Good Day when you can have a great day ? "

The ad was pitted against Brittannia Goodday which was the premium offering from Britannia.
Britannia challenged the ad in the court and Unibic had to take out the advertisement.

The brand had a couple of tvc also : Watch here
How ever the brand's campaign was not impressive compared to its competitor's high profile campaigns.

The biscuit market in India is a tough nut to crack . The branded segment is dominated by Brittannia and Sunfeast while there is a big unorganized segment dominated by local players. The consumers are also less brand loyal and the margins are also low owing to higher raw material costs.

Unibic does not concentrate on the mass market but is focusing on the niche like Speciality Cookes and Health Biscuits.
As of now, Unibic is very low in terms of share of mind and share of voice. The brand lacks proper positioning and also is keeping a low profile in promoting the product. It has gained lot of shelf space at the retailer end but if the consumer is not familiar with the brand, he is not going to give it a try.

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