Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brand Update ; Scooty

Scooty is a brand which has more brand updates than any other brands analyzed in this blog. The simple reason is that this brand never fails to innovate.
Peter Drucker wisely said that there are only two critical tasks for an organization - Marketing and Innovation.
TVS Scooty is a brand that virtually practices this dictum.

This January ,Scooty launched another variant Scooty Streak in the Indian market. The new variant is a more stylish and trendy scooter targeting the new generation girls. The brand website boasts about a new and trendy look for this variant.
But I did not visibly see any big difference between Scooty Pep+ and the new variant.The specs and style looks almost the same.

More than the looks, the new variant is an opportunity created by the brand to build itself. And Scooty has done it with style. For this variant, it has roped in the tennis diva Sania Mirza as the brand ambassador.

The choice of Sania is also wise because she is a respected aspirational figure for today's young gals. She has the looks and the attitude that the new gen gals like.

The new variant is being positioned as Tough and Trendy scooter for the newgen girls. The scooter now has LED tail-lamps , easy to use centre stand, external fuel fill etc.
Now TVS Scooty have four variants in the Indian market
Scooty Pep+
Scooty Teenz
Scooty Teenz electric
Scooty Streak.

The natural question is whether these variants will cannibalize each other and create a confusion in the market.
Although Scooty Pep+ and Streak only have a difference in price of Rs 3000, the brand is trying to offer a complete range of scooters for the consumer through these variants.

Another factor that I like about Scooty is its focus on using internet as a medium for giving brand information. Each variant of Scooty have a website or a page of its own. And these websites are well made, updated and cool. All the information that a consumer needs about the variants are presented beautifully. It means that the company is serious about each variant and considers each variant as an independent brand.

For Scooty, these variants serve the purpose of creating excitement in the market.Young girls prefer brands which are fresh and dynamic. Hence by creating new campaigns around such variants brings in lot of freshness to the brand.
Please remember that this brand was born in 1994 and the brand is much more fresh and dynamic than most of the brands launched after it.

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  1. The 100cc plus Scooty Streak gives better performance than its forerunner Scooty series. The TVS Scooty Streak promises to give best in class mileage and fuel efficiency.


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