Monday, February 23, 2009

Brand Update : Fastrack

This January, Fastrack has launched a new range of wrist gear and eyegear branded as the Army collection. The new series of rugged looking accessories is inspired by the military equipment and weapons.

The watches and sunglasses have a gun-metal finish and looks rugged and cool.

The launch of Army collection is a smart marketing move. The launch coincides with the recent Mumbai attacks and the Indian Public is filled with admiration towards the valor and commitment displayed by the security forces during these terror attacks. Knowingly or unknowingly, the army collection will greatly benefit from this current positive vibes towards the Indian armed forces.

The Army collection of watches and sunglasses are priced upwards from Rs 1400 to Rs 3500.
As a consumer, I have a doubt whether the brand is pricing itself out.

Fastrack is a brand that is targeting the youngsters. And as we know youngsters are on a limited budget and they look for fashion statements which are affordable. Here I am talking about the large section of middleclass consumers.
Fastrack had been a huge hit among the young consumers owing to their smart pricing and also careful branding.

But I have a feeling that Fastrack is slowly raising its prices and losing its pricing advantage. Look at the latest Army Collection. The prices starts with Rs 1500 which is above the reach of those youngsters who are students and live on their monthly pocket money. We haven't moved into a situation where consumers splurge on watches and own multiple watches.

Hence the new collection with its aggressive pricing will definitely takes the charm out of this brand. The name Army Collection will definitely bring in lot of consumers but in my personal opinion, the price will definitely put off a large number of consumers.

Fastrack also lost an opportunity to make an emotional statement with this range. The brand could have touched the heart of millions by contributing a part of the sales from Army Collection to some welfare fund for Army men. This could have taken this brand to a higher platform and customers would have loved the brand for gesture.

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  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Probably the price increase could be to differentiate between their Super Fibre series of watches and rest of the Fastrack ranges?

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM


    Read a news that Fast track is opening 50 outlets in the next two years to sell watches and accessories.

    I also feel that raising the price regularly would not be good for the brand.


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