Monday, February 09, 2009

Brand Update : Tata Safari

Tata Safari has launched a new TVC which further reinforces the " Reclaim your Life " campaign.

Watch the tvc here : Tata Safari

The ad asks a very pertinent question " when you look back in life, what would you remember?" and ends with the tagline - Reclaim your life.

Some of the factors which I liked about this ad was the
Catchy Phrases
Cool Music and
Exotic Locales

Its also interesting to note that the company was bold enough to show the product only at the last shot. That too for a very very small time.
I remember a report on afaqs about the same strategy used for the launch ad for Linea ( read the article here ). The article talks about the usual practice of advertisers using the long drawn product shots and using the entire airtime displaying the product and how the agency convinced Fiat to break this tradition.

It take lots of courage and persuasion to convince the client that some times it is better not to show too much of the product.

Tata Safari should be appreciated for being consistent in their positioning strategy. The brand has been reinforcing the same message but at the same time coming out with fresh ideas about reclaiming the life.

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  1. Can not agree more.
    Ad is very catchy and landscapes are beautiful.
    Also is line with target segment.
    Comments on office corner and corporate power-play tells all.
    These are the people who can afford SUV and targeted with nice tags.


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