Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brand Update : Minute Maid

This year, Minute Maid has launched a new campaign with a peppy tagline " Where is the pulp " . As discussed in my earlier post on the brand, Minute Maid is being positioned as a pulpy orange drink.
The current campaign is aimed at making the brand more young and also to reinforce the positioning of the brand. The campaign is based on a simple proposition that everytime this drink is consumed, an orange somewhere loses the pulp.

To be frank, although I liked the ad I did not fully understand the idea behind it till I read about it in agencyfaqs. ( i think I am getting old).
However the ad does convey the idea that Minute Maid contains pulp. As a consumer I again admit that I did not understand what it means by a pulpy drink. And that itself is the challenge for the brand. The current ad will definitely intrigue customers like me to try it out.
The ad also hope that the tagline " where is the pulp " will be popular and become a part of the youth lingo. The brand has gone national after encouraging results from the test market. Minute Maid is one of the most successful non-cola brand of Coca-Cola globally. Indian market is skewed towards non-cola drinks and Coke hopes that this brand catches the imagination of the young Indian consumers.
While the brand is reinforcing the ' pulpy ' nature of the drink, it has forgotten the ' refreshing' attribute which was a part of the initial campaign. Coke has to remember that there is no drink that offers ' refreshing ' benefit to the customer. That spot is still vacant. The benefit of being Pulpy can be communicated through the attribute of Refreshing. And a refreshing drink is a proposition that will work well with youth.

With the new campaign, Minute Maid also has stirred up the competition. I remember seeing similar concept of pulpy and orangy in the new campaign of Tropicana from Pepsi.

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