Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brand Update : Cadbury

India's favorite chocolate brand has launched a new brand of chocolates exclusively for those suffering from diabetes . The new brand ' Cadbury Lite ' is currently test marketed in Tamilnadu and Andhrapradesh.

This is definitely a good news for that 10% of urban population who suffers from this condition. Cadbury Lite comes with no added sugar and has a sugar substitute Maltitol .Cadbury Lite is clear cut in its positioning. It is for those who suffer from/prone to diabetes rather than for the calorie conscious. May be Cadbury does not feel that its products are unhealthy .

On a branding perspective, it is interesting to note that Cadbury Lite is a new brand rather than a variant of Dairy Milk. The question arises as to why did Cadbury resisted the temptation to launch a variant rather than a new brand. Please note that Nestle launched the variant Kit Kat Lite for the calorie conscious.

One reason can be that the market for the sugarfree chocolates is high and unexplored and hence there is an opportunity for a new brand. Second reason is the seemingly conflicting positioning of ' sugarfree ' chocolate with the existing hardcore sweet positioning of Dairy Milk.
But I feel that the primary reason is the opportunity to develop a new category and a new brand. How ever the national launch is expected only after the results from the test marketing.