Thursday, February 07, 2008

Brand Update : Horlicks

This year Horlicks has launched another variant : Women's Horlicks. The brand is being positioned as a health drink for women. Horlicks claim to have formulated this variant conforming to WHO recommendations.
The rationale behind this variant is the understanding that the life of a women is hectic with the responsibilities of both households and career to manage . Most often these heavy responsibilities take a toll on her health.

According to press reports, this new Horlicks variant contains micronutrients recommended by WHO for women aged 19-50. The brand is a health supplement and supplements all the daily dietary requirements of a women just by having 2 serves ( 60gms ) of Women's Horlicks every day.

The brand comes in attractive package which is modern and eye-catching. Women's Horlicks comes in two flavors : Chocolate and Caramel.
Women's Horlicks claims to have HEMOCAL nutrients which is a combination of vital vitamins for healthy bones and blood. The company has done and ingredient branding by registering the ingredient brand HEMOCAL as a trademark.

Although targeted at the urban women, the launch of this variant throws up certain facts which are conveniently forgotten by the male community .The national family survey of 2006 reveals that one out of two women are anemic and 39 % of Indian women suffering from mild anemia. This together with modern work-life pressure is taking a toll on Indian women's health. I got these information from the website : which is the website sponsored by the brand. It is heartening to see that this brand has taken up women's health as a platform or base for this variant. The website is being developed as an informative site for the brand's users and contains information about women health and fitness.
Besides these initiatives Horlicks has undertaken an outreach program aimed at Doctors and Nutritionists who are influencer in the purchase of this product.
In Horlicks' Product rage, Women's Horlicks co-exists with Mother's Horlicks which is a specialized nutritional supplement for young mothers.
Women's Horlicks is being promoted using print media initially and according to reports, TVC will soon follow with actress Konkona Sen as the brand ambassador.

Now Horlicks' range has

Horlicks : Ordinary Horlicks for Kids
Junior Horlicks : For young ones
Horlicks Lite : For health conscious adults
Mothers Horlicks
Women's Horlicks.
Horlicks Biscuits
The brand so far has been able to position these variants in their respective segments without diluting the core brand equity. The choice of the media and the message has been made very cautiously that each of these brands were perceived to be individual brands with individual personality. Here in the case of Women's Horlicks, the brand has used different colors and packing to make this variant independent of other Horlicks variants. This was earlier done effectively in Junior Horlicks and Mother's Horlicks.