Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brand Update : Mentos

Mentos has launched a new campaign much in line with the positioning of " makes you smarter " exemplified by the slogan " Dimag ki batti jala de". This time the agency took the idea far into the evolution era.

Watch the tvc here : Mentos evolution

The new campaign is different from the real slice of life type of earlier campaigns. The new campaign is refreshingly new and absolutely funny. In a low involvement category, one has to take this route to stay on top of the mind.
What I liked about this brand is the consistency of the positioning and the message. The brand was able to sustain the positioning all these years. By looking at the animation and the quality of the animation, the cost may have gone through the roof but this ad has the steam to stay longer in the media. Also this ad will be much circulated and discussed.

The brand has moved away from the real life to artificial world ( absurdism) without losing the original positioning, it is important that the brand keep a link with the real world. The earlier campaigns had made this brand 'cool' and attractive to the younger crowd and its important that the brand remains that way.
The current ad definitely has bought the consumers' renewed interest into the brand and the follow up campaigns should make sure that the idea does not go overboard. Too much of absurdism can take the ' coolness ' quotient out of the brand.

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