Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MotoRokr: Music Addiction

Brand : MotoRokr
Company: Motorola
Agency: O&M

Brand Count: 230

Indian consumers never had it good before especially in the mobile phone market. From Rs 777 to more than Rs 2 lakh price ponts and from basic phones to most advanced smart phones, Indian mobile phone consumers are being pampered like no other..
Indian mobile phone market is huge worth more than Rs 30,000 crore growing at a pace that makes even the most optimistic analyst speechless.With Reliance Communication launching a Rs 777 handset, the market for cell phones will reach new heights.

Indian mobile handset's market is dominated by Nokia. According to different statistics, the market share of Nokia is around 40- 50 %. The market share has comedown due to heavy competition from the players like Sony and Motorola and host of other players. The huge market and the revenue potential along with the increased competition has forced marketers to go in for hard core segmentation strategies in this market. The market leader Nokia was not really into serious segmentation in early days since the brand had commanding market share. But it was the challenger brands like Sony Ericsson and Motorola which started offering specialized products to specific segments.
I think it was Sony Ericsson which started offering specialised phones and communicating specified brands for specific segments. Although Nokia had such models, its communication was more general. Sony having left out of the mobile race started offering CyberShot Mobile Phones targeting the customers looking for camera phones, In the segment of music phones, it extended its Walkman brand to the mobile phones with the Walkman series.This has forced Nokia to specifically target certain models as music and cameraphones.

Motorola was left behind in the segmentation game. It was busy focusing on the design game with its MotoPebl and MotoRazr. But 2007 saw Motorola coming in to the music phone market with a bang. MotoRokr was the answer to N-Series and Walkman.MotoRokr came into the market with a bang. Not because of the product but because of the communication. Motorola had struck a chord with its brand ambassador Mr Abhishek Bachchan.It is very rare to see a brand striking such a perfect brand Ambassador. The agency was also able to use AbhishekBachchan effectively to promote the brand Motorola.
For MotoRokr, Abhishek was at his best. The ads for MotoRokr was hilarious and striking.

Watch the ads here : MotoRokr

Although the brand Motorokr is not a feature packed smart phone ( competitors has better features) , the brand communication has set its foundation as a music phone. The brand is targeting 18-35 who has a passion for music. According to a report in Agencyfaqs, the big idea is that there is a thin line separating Music Loving and Music Addiction. The brand adopts the line of Music Addiction .
Although the brand launch ad has firmly set a positive launch pad for Motorokr, things are not as rosy as it seems. The brand faces intense competition with Sony Walkman series which has successfully leveraged its iconic Walkman brand equity to its advantage. Recently it had roped in Hrithik Roshan to endorse its range of music phones. The new ad adopts the tagline " The thump is here" to announce the brand war.Nokia will also be looking at this segment seriously because such fragmentation of market will be dangerous for a market leader.
For the customer its is Music Time...
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source :agencyfaqs,technews