Friday, May 04, 2007

Brand Update: TVS Apache

Apache has done to TVS what Pulsar has done to Bajaj. TVS which was struggling to get hold of the motorcycle market has found its balance with Apache.The brand which was launched one year back has become a best seller.Apache is now second to the market leader Pulsar. The brand has won rave reviews for its performance and it provided an alternative to those who did not like Pulsar.
In my previous post on Apache ,I have criticized the promotion and positioning and predicted the failure of Apache but I was proved wrong by the brand. The brand had a wonderful year and analysts expect the brand to perform better in the coming days.

Meanwhile the company has been running various campaigns for the brand. After the first ad, the brand had two campaigns
The second campaign was a dampener ( in my view) which lacked the big idea. The story is how a chick got interested on a dude riding an Apache.
Watch it here: Flower
The latest campaign takes this brand to a macho image. Here the Apache is equated to a Cheetah chasing as usual a "Chick" . But what I liked about the campaign was the shift in the personality of the brand. The brand manager now is pitting the brand straight on Pulsar.I am happy that the brand became more male.

Watch the TVC here: Cheetah

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  1. to me this ad seems to say,
    be a romeo type. ride a cool bike and
    stare a girls while doing lafangagiri at the paanwaala shop.
    thats how you can steal the girl from the good guy.

    even the pulsar ad before was on the same lines. the guy riding the bike is shown to forgive everyone and is the stereotypical have-not of the society. what the heck? if anyone who needs to be forgiven, its you. you hobo. roaming around on your bike without a goal in life and all.

    but of course, there are millions of these losers in India so these ads might just work.


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