Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brand Update : Titan

One of the most important components of a successful marketing strategy is innovation. Innovation can be interms of any of the marketing mix. This quality is clearly reflected in the brand strategy of Titan. This March, Titan has come out with a new collection of watches : Aviator Collection.
Aviator is the collection of watches inspired by the World War II fighter planes. The brand is targeting the upmarket global Indian. The range of watches are designed by the award winning designer Neil Foley . The designer has drew his inspiration from the rugged fighter planes like The Mustang,Spitfire, Hurricane , Messerschmidt ME 109 and the like.
The collection has 20 distinct styles and each watch has a name and a story behind it. The collection is differentiated by the unique sense of style and is following the psychographic segmentation.The price range is between Rs 4000-Rs 7000. The company press release also says that this watch is a celebration of JRD's first aircraft flight in India.

Titan has continuously experimented itself and this has helped the brand to be a superbrand. Aviator series, takes a cue from the Iconic Aviator of Ray-Ban and is trying to recreate the magic of RayBan Aviator. My doubt is whether the WWII series of aircrafts will inspire the new generation consumers?. Ofcourse there is no doubt that airplanes especially fighter aircrafts give a unique feeling to Men. Men always adore these beasts and the more ugly these fighters are, the more we tend to like it. The point is how many of us know the fighter planes of yesteryears?

Titan also has the answer, the answer lies in the unique tie-up with the National Geographic channel and the brand. Titan is sponsoring the Top Gun series of Natgeo which now airs a series on WWII airplanes. Hence the brand gets a boost and also free gyan to the TG about the warplanes. Interestingly Natgeo also has created a commercial for the Aviator Series showing real footages of the fighter planes.
So far so good. But my doubt remains.. But I feel that a watch collection that celebrates a Mustang looks more classy than a watch that celebrates an F16 isn't it?

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