Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brand Update : Mentos

Brand Mentos is getting smarter and smarter. The brand which broke into the confectionery market with its " Dimag ki Batti jala de" campaign has hit the Big Idea jackpot. This year saw a new campaign from Mentos in the same line as its earlier campaigns. The ad features a young man in an auditorium with his squeaky shoes.
Watch the ad here : Mentos
The ad is maintaining its " Makes You smarter" tagline and this has been a hit in the market place.According to agencyfaqs, the ads has helped the brand to increase its marketshare in the soft mint category from 33% in 2005 to 48% in 2007. The company attributes this to the smart advertising. I would attribute this to the excellent quality of the product. The ads are made by Mr Rajesh Krishnan of Footcandles.
Mentos has been using Ordinary Life & Mentos Life and the tagline " Makes You think Smarter" since 2005 . The first in the series was the Classroom ad followed by the " Haircut".
Mentos is a classic example of the power of Big Idea. The "Makes You Smarter" idea can be used by the brand for decades and it gives such a flexible platform for the ad film makers and the creative team to make the consumers laugh.
As a consumer,I would wait for the sugarfree version of Mentos which can take this brand to the next level of leadership.

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