Saturday, December 16, 2006

Market Statistics : Volume 1

This is the first volume of Market Statistics which will give the market sizes of various categories. The market size numbers are quite confusing because different sources quote different numbers. This is just a collection of market data and not verified. I will try to update it whenever I come across such data.

Pain Balm Market Size :Rs 90 crore

Total Balm Market Size :Rs 250 crore

Tooth Paste Market Size :Rs2700 crore

Events Market Size :Rs 330 crore

Domestic consumption of butter : 45,000 tonnes

Ready to stitch garments market :Rs 1600 crore

Imported wine Market Size: 1.2 lakh cases

Local wine Market Size: 3.8lakh to 4.6 lakh cases

Detergent Market Size :Rs 3000 crore

Popular Detergents Market Size : Rs1800

Premium, compact and Mid range detergents Market Size:Rs 1200 crore

Tea Industry :Rs 3000 crore

Iodised salt Market Size :Rs 500 crore

Toilet cleaners,utensil cleaner, mosquito repellent

& air freshener Market Size :Rs 2000 crore

Cookies Market Size :Rs 3000 crore

Music :Rs 750 crore

Denim Market Size :Rs 1200 crore

Indian Luxury Market :Rs 2000 crore

Ad Industry :Rs10,000 crore

Internet ads :Rs 100 crore

Chyavanprash Market Size : Rs 300 crore

Soap Market Size : Rs 4500 crore

Shaving cream Market Size : Rs 50 crore

Color Cosmetics Market Size : Rs.250 crore ( organized)

Skin care Market Size :Rs 400 crore

Total cosmetic Market Size :Rs 2000 crore

Total skin care Market Size :Rs 1300 crore

Premium Skin care Market Size : Rs 325 crore

Ketchup Market Size : Rs180 crore

Noodles Market Size :Rs 200 crore

Battery Market Size : Rs1800 crore

Automotive Battery Market Size : Rs1200 crore

Men’s innerwear Market Size :Rs 2500 crore

Premium Inner wear Market Size : Rs150 crore

Branded innerwear Market Size :Rs 750 crore

Hair Oil Market Size :Rs 1300 crore

Biscuit market Market Size :Rs 4000 crore

Marie biscuits Market Size:Rs 600 crore

Writing Instruments Market Size:Rs 1500 crore

Branded Writing Instruments Market Size:Rs 1200 crore

Gel pen Market Size :Rs 350 crore

Watch Market Size :Rs1300 crore

Premium watch Market Size :Rs 600 crore

Fast Moving Health Goods (FMHG) : Rs 4500 crore

Shoe shine category size :Rs 65 crore