Monday, November 21, 2005

Coca-Cola : Thanda nahin hai?

Brand : Coke
Agency: McCann

Baseline : Piyo sar Utha Ke

Well ........

Marketers some times behaves like fools !!!!!!

Why the hell one should change their best positioning statement ?
Every one loved the " thanda " campaign, there were rave reviews about Aamir and Coke. People looked forward to the next Aamir avatar .........

Then it was a surprise.. there is no thanda but some blabbering about drinking coke " Sar Utha ke?

Coke never had good time with respect to its advertising in India. Never in their second life in India, they have delivered good campaigns. Pepsi always scored with their campaigns like" Ye dil maange more" Yehi hai right choice baby", " Nothing official about it".

Then came the Thanda matlab "Coca- Cola" campaign which blew the hell out of Pepsi. Well how can anyone own some thing like " Thanda". Similar to XEROX, Coke was trying to own a whole category as such.

Then Coke changed the campaign , Why?
I don't have the answer may be the creatives in McCann may have it.

The current campaign speaks nothing. I use a straw to drink Coke, so how can I drink coke sar Utha ke?
Most of the time when I tried drinking directly from the bottle, I had encountered some unpleasant taste of "rust" from the cap of the bottle. What about the South Indians and othe non Hindi speaking consumers? Will they be impressed by the base line?

An opportunity lost for Coke . they had one BIG IDEA in " Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola "and they blew it off