Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is customer the king?

As one of my friends remarked, If customer is the king, then why would all companies want him to be loyal?

The real fact is that no company regard customer as the king. It is all about money honey!!
Marketing is creating and exchanging goods of value between the company and the customer so that the needs of customers are met and the company objectives are achieved in that process. So what is happening now is this exchange process.

Marketers tried to attract customers by treating them well and thus came the cliche " customer is the king" . Look around You , you get to know that this is an utopian phrase. It is only economics in play.

It is now the choice of the customer that whether he wants himself to be treated as a king ( and pay for it ) . Last day me and my wife ordered a cake for my kids birthday. The cake was not made according to our specification. I was in my opinion that we take the order. But my wife insisted that we dont take the order and go to another shop.

She insisted on her right but how many of customers do that?

So Demand to be treated as a king and find the company that treats you like a king and enjoy!!!