Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sona Chandi Chyavanprash: Trying hard: Not smart

Brand : Sona Chandi Chyavanprash

Agency : Ambience Publicis

Base line :Sona de surakshit tan, chandi de tez dimaag.

Chyavanprash is a 300 crore category with Dabur owning around 60-63% market share. The rest is held by Emami, Himani and other companies put together.
The competition has been hotting up in this category . This is due to the increase in demand for the health foods in the country. The root cause for such an increase in demand lies in the Psychographic profile of the Indian consumer. In other words, because of the changing lifestyle of Indian consumer.

Himani wants its share in the growing pie of this market. Dabur has roped in Amitabh Bachchan to endorse the product. So to compete with the big B, there is no other choice but Shah Rukh.

Shah Rukh makes perfect sense because of the unstoppable energy he has and the dream run he has at Bollywood.

Himani wants to get the share in the premium segment of the chyawanaprash market.

Sona chandi is positioned in the health platform offering both physical and intellectual well being.

Regarding the communication, as with Tata Indicom ad, the agency failed to impress even with the bubbling Shahrukh which could be blamed on the poor execution of the ad. With Shahrukh, Himani could have made a headway across the market , but alas.......