Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brand Update : Virat says Alive is Awsome

Move over Hrithik Roshan, welcome Virat Kohli. In its struggle to stay relevant to youth, Cinthol has now a new celebrity endorser in Virat Kohli. The tvc featuring Virat is now on air

Watch the new ad here : Cinthol Virat Kohli

The ad is different and very well executed. I liked the twist in the ad and to the credit of the agency, the ad does justice to the new positioning of Alive is Awesome. But like the previous campaign, the character should avoid saying the tagline because it looks very artificial when someone says Alive is Awesome. Rather, a powerful visual with the voice-over of the tagline would have been perfect.

What Cinthol needs is not a heavy dose of celebrity but some serious execution of its positioning. Celebrities ofcourse add a little attraction to the campaign but its not the celebrity that matters.
Cinthol seems to have stumbled upon a sustainable positioning platform of " Alive with Cinthol". The new campaign although singularly focuses on the celebrity rather than the brand ,will help in keeping Cinthol alive for now

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  1. Good Soap and its Fragrance such different Ryan Chute

  2. Classic case of 'could we' rather than 'should we'. Smart move from Cinthol.

  3. The visit was useful. Content was really very informative.

  4. Jinesh Damodaran3:30 PM

    This is a super brand. It is difficult to judge a brand when you yourself are loyal to it. I have been using the soap (Original) and talc. Believe you me the talc can easily compete with body deodorant considering its quality. The most catchy element in Cinthol branding is its packaging -'Keep it simple' no high visual imagery, graphics, no loud or fancy fonts, crisp details etc.. You will love to use its talc which has got many variants and comes in different yet cool colours. The containers made up of metal gives it an old classy feel. I believe the list of loyal customers is huge for Cinthol Original Soap (green in red pack). I think now the packaging design for soaps is same for all the variants and also earlier concept of '24 hour confident' dropped.


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