Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brand Update : Frooti gets juicy with SRK

In a surprising move Frooti, the mango drink from Parle has roped in none other than Shah Rukh Khan as the celebrity endorser. The brand has also brought back the classic tagline " Fresh N Juicy".

Watch the ad here : SRK Frooti
SRK will bring in the boost that the brand needs this summer. The brand owners over the last few seasons were seriously pushing the brand to make it more relevant amidst the clutter. Over the last few years, the brand has been targeting the new generation through some clutter-breaking campaign.

There is no need to say that SRK will take the brand back to the limelight. The agency should be credited in making the ad fresh and interesting. 
 For a brand like Frooti , the challenge is not to build awareness but keep the consumer interested in the brand. Brands like Frooti which was launched in 1984 enjoys tremendous recall and recognition. But over these years, consumers can lose interest in the brand due to various reasons. For a brand which is more than 22 years old, staying relevant and interesting is a herculean task. Since there is limited scope of innovation in the product-front, the only scope for innovation is in the promotion. 
This time around, Frooti was able to keep the interest level really high . 

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