Thursday, June 03, 2010

Titan Zoop : Be Cool

Brand : Zoop
Company : Titan Industries
Ad Agency : Ogilvy

Brand Analysis Count # 455

Titan has re-entered the kids' watches category with a new brand Zoop. Titan has been launching a series of watch brands in recent years. According to a newspaper report, the company is transforming itself into a house of brands with a number of brands catering to various segments. The company had recently launched brands like Xylus, Obaku, Zoop etc all endorsed by the corporate brand Titan.

Zoop is a brand targeting the kids aged 5-12. Through Zoop, Titan is filling a gap in their brand portfolio. Kid's watch segment although a high potential market is dominated by unorganized players.

In 1998-99, Titan tried to tap the market with a brand Dash. But the brand failed to catch the fancy of the market at that point of time. Analysts says that Dash was too early for the Indian consumers. During that time, parents were not that interested in spending on kid's accessories like Watches.

Now the company feels that the market is ripe for a brand like Zoop. Zoop is being positioned as a cool , must-have accessory for kids. The brand is running a launch campaign in most of the channels.

Watch the ad here : Zoop

Zoop is endorsed by brand Titan. The brand has the tagline - Be Cool ; which will be well liked by the target customers.

While researching on the brand, I found a couple of articles which mentioned that Zoop's positioning itself as "Be a Star ". The brand wanted to talk directly to the kid and acknowledges the star in him. But from the launch ad, it seems that the brand is focusing on " coolness " quotient rather than the " stardom". Hence the brand has focused on bringing in new funky designs in its range.

Zoop will be definitely a brand to watch out for . The brand has the equity of Titan and the pricing is exceptionally good. Zoop is priced between Rs 350-Rs 900. And it makes a perfect gift to kids too.

Zoop faces competition from the host of unorganized players in the market along with cheap Chinese imports. For Zoop, budget competition will also be something to be concerned about. Budget competition is the competition for the money . Budget competition for Zoop will be those kid's products across various categories that falls in the price band of Rs 350- Rs 1000. That include toys, clothes, video games, etc. If you look at the launch campaign of Zoop , the brand subtly addresses that competition by pointing at the ' need ' for a watch.

Although there are many positive things going for the brand, it is not easy to catch the attention of this segment. The kids get bored with products/brands easily. Functionality may not be on the priority list of this segment of customers. It may not be realistic for Titan to assume that kids will pester their parents to buy more than one watch to quench the style thirst of kids. So the task is to get more and more kids to purchase the brand and be happy about it. So constant campaign innovation will be the key to brand success.

Zoop has rightly positioned itself on the style factor and I am sure many young customers will fall for it.