Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brand Update : Vivel Extending to Fairness Cream

ITC's soap brand Vivel has launched its fairness cream extension in the Indian market. The brand has been launched in Kerala and is expected to offer stiff competition to the market leader Fair & Lovely.

Vivel's fairness variant is branded as Vivel Active Fair and comes in three SKUs - the 50 gm pack is launched at a price of Rs 70, 25 gm at Rs 38 and 9 gm sachet at Rs 5. The brand is running its launch
campaign with big splash in major newspapers . Vivel Active Fair is banking on its ingredients like vitamins, minerals and moisturizers along with SPF 15 sun protection rating.

In a direct challenge to Fair & Lovely, Vivel is selling its sachet at Rs 5 ( introductory offer) compared to FAL's Rs 7. Indian personal care market is driven by sachets and the Rs 5 price point will help Vivel to achieve the important customer trials. Rs 5 price point is also beneficial
to both customers and retailers because of the coinage factor. This pricing may force HUL to lower the price of FAL's sachet.The Indian Fairness Cream market is worth around Rs 1700 and growing at 15% .

ITC is making lot of headway in its personal care business. The brands like Fiama and Vivel has successfully made their mark in terms of brand visibility. Although the company may not be making money in the personal care business because of the heavy promotional investments, these brands have built a strong foundation that can fuel further growth.It is common for brands in the personal care business to go for brand extensions. Vivel is trying to transform itself to a personal care brand rather than just a soap brand.

It is interesting to see that the brand refrained from using celebrity to endorse the fairness cream. I wonder why ?

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  1. Ashish8:09 PM

    Sth missing after 1700:
    "is worth around Rs 1700 and"

  2. I haven't seen any of the ads in print, and I usually scour the e-papers daily. Could you tell me where the ad featured, and if you could point me to a source? Would greatly appreciate that.

  3. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Its in the Indian Express - 24th July...front page

    must say...impressive product

  4. I think the reason that no celebrities have been used is to ensure Fiama retains its positioning as a premium product. Vivel is more aimed at being a mass brand.I believe the choice of the celebrity is very important. Even fair and Lovely refrains from using well known celebrities. If you look at it closely, its probably because these celebrities are already 'fair and lovely'. Its easier to drive home the point with less familiar faces.

  5. And why not when there is such a demand so strong in the Asian countries where the skin tones are darker and they want to go western with their thought and skin.ITC often comes out with great products.

  6. Anonymous1:26 AM

    the main factor is with the SPF15 sun protecting ingredient in a reasonable price. Its a major point to be kept in mind.

  7. Anonymous6:45 PM

    y ur product is out of stock in market.i couldnt find it..plez tell me


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