Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Brand Update : Vanish Gets a Brand Ambassador

Vanish, the stain remover product from Reckitt has found a celebrity endorser in the actress Sridevi. The brand is now running a campaign featuring the celebrity.

Watch the ad here : Vanish
The new ad shows a move by the brand away from the previous campaign formats. The brand has been consistently using the global communication format till now. The brand has thought of using celebrity to penetrate more into the market. The choice of a " retired" actress like Sridevi is intriguing.

What will be the benefits that the brand expects out of this new strategy of celebrity endorsement. The first benefit is obviously more acceptance for the product in the consumer's mind ( hopefully) aided by the brand equity of celebrity. More brand familiarity. Use of celebrity in POP materials will have lot of impact on the purchases. Boosting the brand acceptance in semi urban markets.
The new campaign has discarded most of the brand elements especially the pink T shirt clad girls who were an integral part of the earlier campaigns. I feel that it was a mistake to remove that important component from the new ad.

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  1. hello sir...

    feeling nostalgic visiting ur blog after a long time... i took a long brk from blogging n am back now...

    even i was surprised to see SRI (my all time fav actress) in the vanish ad... it has definitely given a boost to her market as it seems her new look has gone down well with makers who mgt have roles for her...

    but how it benefits vanish will have to be seen...


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