Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brand Update : Onida

Onida has launched its new campaign after putting the devil to rest. The campaign is aimed at repositioning and rejuvenating the brand. The brand is trying for a comeback after years of uncertainty which made this (once) iconic brand lose its share in the market.

Watch the new campaign here : Onida new campaign

In my last post on Onida, I commented that Onida's real problem is not branding but marketing. The brand desperately needed break-through products and embrace new technologies. If the new ads are any indication, the brand is moving in the right direction. The brand is trying to launch products with new features, which is the right thing to do .

Regarding the brand campaign, Onida now has a new tagline- " Tum Ko Dekha to ye design aya" meaning " Designed with you in mind ". The brand replaced the iconic devil with a new-age couple as the protagonists.

Onida is now repositioning on the basis of " Customer Oriented Design". The brand is saying that its products are designed with the new-age customer in mind. The new tagline has nothing new in it and "customer-oriented" design positioning is used by many brands before. In comparison with the classic "Neighbor's envy , Owner's Pride", the new campaign falls short of expectation. ( Another viewpoint here)

In the consumer durable space, it is the product features that attract the buyers not the ads. If Onida can give technologically advanced products at reasonable price, consumers will definitely try it out. But there are issues in such a product oriented strategy. Most of the new features can be copied easily by the competitors unless otherwise protected by patents. When Onida launches a DVD player which plays micro-sd cards, other players are bound to follow. It is in this scenario that branding becomes important. Onida needs to convince the consumers that its products are better designed and technologically superior. It is about managing perception .Features can be copied by competitors easily but changing perception is a difficult task.
Onida needs to work hard on creating and nurturing new perceptions about itself in the mind of the consumers. Long way to go for this brand......

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  1. Amazing ad...seems like Onida is coming back with a bang!

  2. Dear Mr. Harish

    I have been following your blog for quite a time now and hence, being a regular reader, i thought of bringing a error to your notice.
    The mistake lies in the 2nd last paragraph, 5th line, which says -
    "Most of the new features can be copied easily by the consumers "

    I guess, the word should be competitors rather than the consumers. Pardon me if I'm wrong.

    Wishing you all the very best and a great festive season ahead!

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Hi,i think the ads are really fresh...

    Its also quite visible; seems things are working for the brand..

    Will wait n watch..though seems interesting.


  4. @aki, thanks, corrected the error
    @shaggy, I differ though.


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