Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Aliva : Thodi Sharafat, Thodi Shararat

Brand : Aliva
Company : Frito- Lay ( Pepsico Group)
Agency : JWT

Brand Analysis Count : 415

There is a new kid in the block in the Rs 10,000 crore snack food industry. Aliva is the latest launch from Pepsico in the intensely competitive Snack Food Industry. Every one in the branding world is excited about this launch since it is the major(food) brand launch from Pepsico since Kurkure.

Aliva comes in the category of Crackers. Cracker is a new category in the Indian market. The product is a combination of biscuit and Namkeen. Aliva ,if successful, will create a subsegment in the 1500 M ton Indian biscuit industry. According to news reports, the brand is trying to create a new category for itself just like what Kurkure did.Aliva comes in four flavors and is priced at Rs 12 for 60 gms ( introductory offer).

Since Aliva is trying to create a new category, it does not face any immediate brand competition . It faces competition from other categories of snacks . Aliva faces competition from the non-glucose biscuit brands like Britannia 50-50 and Parle Monaco and Sunfeast Snacky. ( read report here). Lays and Bingo also gives this brand a competition since all these brands are in the snack food business.

Aliva has roped in the actress Chitrangda Singh as the brand ambassador . Aliva is currently running its launch TVC across various channels

Watch the TVC here : Aliva

Just like Lays and Bingo, Aliva targets predominately youth and adults . The brand is being positioned as a healthy snack. The brand has adopted the tagline " Thodi Sharafat, Thodi Shararat " roughly translated to " Little Nice, Little Naughty ".

There has been various reactions to the launch ad. Read Afaqs review here and a view of ad man here

Frankly speaking, I think that the launch ad is nothing great to talk about. The theme is not new and there is no big idea. Britannia Bourbon is currently running a campaign similar to Aliva.

The brand could have come out with some clutter breaking stuff but chose to go for a lousy also-ran commercial.The tagline is also nothing to talk about compared to Lay's earlier campaign " No one can eat just one " or Bingo 's " No confusion, Great Combination". The launch ad also does not highlight the core positioning of a healthy snack. There was too much focus on the plot rather than the brand.

Having said that, the high profile media blitz will generate lot of trials.My 5 year old daughter has already demanded one. If the product delivers, then Aliva will just have to ride the wave. Lays became such a blockbuster product because the product delivered.

Aliva is a launch from a very powerful marketer . Hence the brand has a huge support base . It will be interesting to see how Aliva will make a space for itself.
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