Thursday, May 07, 2009

Brand Update : Wild Stone

Deo brand Wild Stone has come out with another wild commercial. The new ad is in line with the previous themes but the brand has become more subtle.

Watch the new ad here : Wild Stone Guddi

The ad centers around the theme where innocent ( decent) ladies gets automatically attracted to the man who uses this deo. The previous campaign was set during Durga Puja which caused some controversies regarding the decency of the ad.

The new campaign is where a young girl (guddi) being floored by the Wild Stone Man. The ad is leaving many things to the imagination of the audience .

What is interesting about the new campaign is that the brand has a new tagline . Wild Stone has changed its tagline to " Barely Legal". The earlier tagline " Wild By Nature " has been dropped.

Compared to Wild by Nature, Barely Legal is more subtle and is not outright raunchy . I guess that the change is happening because Wild Stone is now managed by Future Brands.

Wild Stone is being developed as a personal care brand for men. The brand has talc ,deos, perfumes and shaving products in its product portfolio.

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  1. its interesting that future grp is handling the product. yes, the ad us subtle. but why isnt the future brands logo being flashed after the ad? they shud do that.

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    While the current "Wild stone" ad may be suitable to the tagline,it certainly is in poor taste.I dont think the Indian audience finds it palatable to see a sister-in -law, asking her "Wild Stone" Brother in law , if she is heavier than her sister .The ad hints at being incestuous. While the earlier ad was sexy ( a good positioning for the product ) this one leaves you uncomfortable. No, I dont think this one is going to work.
    Bulbul Bhattacharjee


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