Monday, April 20, 2009

Brand Update : Western Union

Western Union has launched a new global branding campaign. This is the first global branding campaign by Western Union in its 150 year history. The new branding campaign gives a fresh new perspective to the brand.

Money transfer is not a glamorous business like selling Softdrinks or Soaps. But creativity can make this service a worthy glamorous brand. The new campaign has done just that for Western Union.

Created by Publicis Hongkong, the new campaign has given a new tagline for Western Union - YES!

This simple small three letter word is one of the most powerful taglines a brand can get. Kudos for the brand to catch this small Big Word. The new branding campaign is based on hope ,optimism and can-do attitude.

Watch the ad here : Western Union

What I liked about the ad is its universal appeal. The Yes tagline has a universal appeal across the markets which the brand serves. The brand rightly captures the essence when it says " Say Yes to Brighter Future".

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