Thursday, April 02, 2009

Brand update : Frooti

Frooti has come out with a new campaign this summer. The brand had gone in for a complete makeover. The packaging and the positioning has changed. Infact Frooti for the past few years has been trying to catch hold of a consistent theme.

It had earlier moved away from the " Fresh'N'Juicy " positioning . From there onwards, the brand was on a sticky wicket and was not quite settling on a positioning. It had the Bindaas positioning and later " Frooti- another name for Mango " theme. But the brand was not quite stable on those platforms.

The new Frooti has a new modern packaging. The choice of colors and the logo has been tweaked to make the brand more contemporary. Now the packaging is lot more neat and cool.

What is more stiking is the change in the positioning of Frooti. Last year , the brand tried to pitch itself as an alternative to mango. Now the brand is trying to be more radical and a little mad.

Watch the new TVC here : Mango Frooti

The new campaign is based on a simple consumer observation. Most of us which drink Frooti Tetrapack will try to chase the last drop of Frooti. This habit has been continuing for generations. Last day I saw my daughter trying her best to capture those evasive last drops trapped inside the pack. Knowingly or unknowingly we make funny sounds using the straw when indulging with Frooti. And we all had the habit of breaking those packs for that sound. The agency had tried to capture all these in the new communication.

The brand also has adopted a new baseline " Why Grow Up". I think this positioning is a powerful idea which can be sustained for many years provided the creatives are able think fresh.Even in the new avatar, the brand is retaining the old famous tagline " Fresh N Juicy " which is good since Frooti has a very strong association with that tagline.

Another interesting move by the brand is the creation of Mango-emoticons . The brand will now be using mangoticons in its communication which is a really smart idea. The brand using emoticons can further strengthen the association of Mango and Frooti.

Also this mangoticons can generate instant recall with the brand. So even a 1 second splash of this emoticons in the TV screen can give the same effect of a 30 second ad. The brand currently have 3 emoticons and according to the agency , it is planning to increase it to 25 by next year. I hope that Frooti uses this emoticons beyond the product package. It is a powerful brand element which can be an asset to Frooti.

Regarding the new campaign, although the idea is good, I frankly did not get the idea the first time . I liked the ' Why Grow Up' Tagline but not the ad- may be because I did not like the look of the main character in the ad. Somewhere down the line, the ad lost the " Cool" factor .

You can read more about this repositioning from Raj Kurup of CLA here : Raj on Frooti repositioning

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