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Volini : Asli Aaram

Brand : Volini
Company : Ranbaxy
Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi

Brand Analysis Count : 390

Volini is a pain relieving brand from Ranbaxy. This brand was one of the most prescribed pain killer gel in its earlier avatar as a prescription product . In 2007 , Volini became an OTC brand. The pain relieving balm market is worth around Rs 700 crore and is dominated by powerful brands like Moov and Iodex.

I am a regular user of Volini thanks to the nagging backpain which I attracted as an incentive from my sales career. And as a customer, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this brand . When I started using Volini, it was a prescribed product. That means you need to have a prescription for buying it.

For products like Volini , once the consumer is satisfied with the results, he starts purchasing it irrespective whether the brand is an OTC or not. Volini had developed a huge brand equity because of its sheer effectiveness.

It may be because of this strong equity that Ranbaxy decided to take Volini to the OTC route. When the brand is moved to the OTC, the company have to depend on advertising and brand building to drive the sales. Once in the OTC segment, these brands often lose doctor's support.

Ranbaxy launched Volini with a campaign which landed the brand in trouble. Ranbaxy tried to put this brand directly against the market leader Moov. The brand used the tagline " Asli Pain Reliever "( meaning Real Pain Reliever) indirectly mentioning that Moov is not a real pain reliever.

The competitors took the brand and the ad to the court and Ranbaxy had to amend the advertisement. So now the brand has the tagline " Asli Aaram " meaning " Real Relief ".

Watch the ad here : Volini Ad

I think that Volini made a big mistake by positioning itself against Moov. It had the potential to stand on its own and create its own identity away from the market leader. Moov had been trying to position itself as a back-pain specialist .

As a consumer, I prefer a brand which is the most effective and the strongest of the lot. I chose Volini because I had the perception that it is the strongest pain relieving gel available. The smell and the sensation and the gel form further reinforced this perception. I have a perception that gel is more powerful than ointment.

As a person who suffers from back-pain, my immediate need is to get fast and quick relief from the pain so that I can carry on with my job. There is a sort of panic when this pain prevents you from leading a normal life. So consumers look for the most effective solution. And consumers have a way of categorising these products on the basis of their effectiveness and in my opinion the strongest wins.
The current positioning of " Real Relief " in a sense is playing down the effectiveness of Volini. " Real Relief " is a highly vague concept compared to Fast relief and Quick Relief. There is a real need for a good effective pain relief product. Doctors suggest that these back pains and muscle pains are lifestyle diseases. The increasing stress levels and the decreasing activity levels make an average Indian prone to these diseases.

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  1. Bingo! As a consumer, i too would look out for something which relieves me of my pain as quickly as possible irrespective of the any future consideration. I guess, Ranbaxy has to properly study consumer perceptions before hitting out against any competitor or even when positioning itself on a different platform altogether....

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I & my whole family use Volini. The product is really good & far far better than any other product in the market.
    The ad is equally nice..and shows how quickly & completely the lady got relief from pain..So, this is the real pain reliever...
    Volini means real pain relief in true sense!!

  3. Nice product ......

    i liked and suggested to many people

  4. I've been using Volini since more than 10 years. It has always worked on pain very quickly. I tried other products but pain always come back unlike in case of Volini wherein pain goes away completely...It gives Real relief in true sense! I thank Ranbaxy for making such a good product, Wow!!!!

  5. prakash12:04 AM

    Ajita is saying after using volini the pain goes completely, than why she is using it for 10 years. Use Wintogeno instead & feel the difference.

  6. Anonymous2:29 AM

    she is saying the pain goes away completely not forever...

  7. Prema.A.V12:06 PM

    well i do agree that volini is a very effective pain relieving brand....but then one should try using "Deep Heat" a product of Mentholatum, very popular in UK and Australia , availabile in UAE as well....its very powerful....i bet its better than the best....
    Even Moov has ventured its product into spray form...but tiger balm is playing a smart recently introducing " TIGER BALM BACK PAIN PATCH" .....please check out this site
    its so cool...they have two variants of and cool strips of relieving balm strips....i think its going to be sucessful...u just need to place the strip in the pain area for a while and t releives the pains....even deep heat has introduced a similar one....well has volini been so smart like them ...i dont think so...:)

  8. i think that the dfo gel is more good than volini i give u suggestion that u use the dfo gel u will forget volni gel

  9. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Volini is defenetily far effective for me and one I have tried it..I need not try anything else...
    Volini has now come up with a new ad wherein its been positioned as the expert.
    It was also in news recently for being the No.1 Doctor trusted brand & got awarded the Star Brand status...

  10. Amritha11:53 AM

    I have been using a product called Praan PainPlast. It is basically a patch and very effective for relieving all types of muscular and joint pains.. Plus it is very convenient compared to the other balms and sprays... Doesnt emit so much smell or anything and doesnt stick to clothes too...

  11. Any one tray DFO gel from the manufacturer of Ozone

  12. Any one tryed DFO Gel from the manufacturer Ozone company?


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