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Allout : Yamraj of Mosquitos

Brand : Allout
Company : Karamchand Appliances Ltd (subsidiary of SC Johnson Co)

Brand Analysis Cout : 329

Allout is an interesting brand for an Indian marketer. The brand is interesting because it is an example of a pioneer who developed a new category and also a brand which showed the power of aggressive marketing.

Allout was launched in 1990 by a small company known as Karamchand Appliances Pvt Ltd. The company was run by the Arya brothers : Naveen, Anil and Bimal. These brothers spotted a huge opportunity in the mosquito repellent business way back in 1990.

During that period, the mosquito repellent market was dominated by Mosquito coils. Later during early 2000, mats also became a popular mosquito repellent. Karamchand Appliances wanted to venture into the marketing of mats. For that purpose, the company began scouting for technical collaboration. The search took them to Japan where they entered into an agreement with a company known as Earth Chemical Co.

Although the collaboration was for the manufacturing of mats, the Aryan brothers noticed a new product - vaporizers. Vaporizers consisted of a heating unit and a container containing the repellent liquid.

Vaporizers had more advantages than the mats. The mat's effectiveness used to weaken over time . But vaporizer had the advantage of consistent effectiveness since there is a continuous flow of liquid to the heating element. The brothers knew that this was an opportunity.
Karamchand appliances launched the vaporizer in 1990. The brand name was put as " Allout " . The name was easy to pronounce and understand and further the name described the core idea of the brand : to keep the mosquitoes out of the house.

Allout was launched with aggressive brand promotion. The product was priced at a premium and at the time of the launch, the brand was retailing at Rs 225 for the main Vaporizer.
Allout soon attracted the attention of the consumer. Because of the high price, the product was limited to the high income households.

On the marketing front, the company started off advertising in a big way but with little success . The account was initially handled by Avenues and later by HTA but the promoters was not satisfied with the brand communication . Later the company itself took the advertising responsibilities inhouse.

Then came the famous trademark advertisement of Allout featuring the animated frog . The ad showed the Allout machine like a jumping frog eating all the mosquitoes. The ad was a big hit among the consumers . The ad was simple and communicated the brand purpose effectively.

launched another variant - At one point of time Allout was one of the largest advertisers in the visual media. In 1995 AlloutPluggy which was small and priced less than the ordinary vaporizer. In 1999 Allout launched a massive exchange scheme where the consumers could exchange their mat machines and buy vaporizers at a discount. This exchange program helped the brand to penetrate into the mat segment. It was a smart marketing move and a first of its kind in that segment.

Soon Vaporizers began to gain popularity among the users. Sensing this shift, the market leader Godrej Saralee also extended the Goodknight brand into the vaporizer segment. The entry of Goodknight expanded the market much to the advantage of all the players.

The increased competition also rationalized the price of vaporizers. Companies began to lower the price of the vaporizers ( captive product pricing) and gain the margins by selling the refills.

What is intersting about the marketing of Allout is the strategy of using animation in their advertising. Besides the consistent using of the jumping frog, the brand also used animation extensively in their advertising. I also remember an ad featuring Tom & Jerry .

In 1998 , SC Johnson acquired controlling stake in Karamchand Appliances. The support from a large parent company like SC Johnson will be crucial for this brand since the competition is intense in this segment.

Right now Allout is having the slogan " Macharoen ka Yamraj " . The brand also uses the acronym MMR to differentiate itself from the competition. MMR stands for Mosquito Mortality Rate. Allout claims that it has more MMR than the rest of the competition.

Aggressive marketing has made Allout a pioneer in creating the vaporizer segment in India. The brand also showed that a small company can create and lead a new category through smart aggressive marketing.


  1. Sir, very useful info, am working on a summer project for Reckitt on Brand Management(Mortein Vapourizers)!


  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    allout is worst product, that i had ever seen, it wouldnt kill any single mosquito. i hate this product, and it is advice to readers, pls dont buy such type of worst allout,

  3. Anonymous11:15 PM

    very useful information.thks

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM

    very useful information.thks a lot.

  5. Anonymous1:13 PM

    allout is vindictiveness product because there is no side effect on your health so u can buy it without think about any product thanksss

  6. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Allout appears to be useless as mosquitos keep buzzing me even I place the device next to me.I would like somebody to advise how we can take the company to task for FALSE PUBLICITY FOR A USELESS PRODUCT.

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  8. Anonymous10:02 AM

    the information s physadalic

  9. I have bought one new bottle of all out and threaded it to the lighted machine. Unfortunately to say the bottle remained as it is. Not a single spot of liquid was reduced from the bottle. I have done this frequently but the bottle remained full. What will be the cause? My email is

  10. boss the thing is allout is total bullshit and the bottle is not lowering in content because the machine you are using is not working. if you will keep the machine for few days without using it, sorry for informing it will not work again as the heating mechanism stops working. so try to kill mosquitoes by hand- u will do it better rather than using allout machine.. thanks

  11. i have recently (0603214) purchased about all out power slider refills . later, i noticed that it was not working and the refill

  12. Anonymous5:03 AM

    We are students & are staying in hostel.
    We have no plugs in our rooms and we can't use coils because we have asthma patients with us . Please make a vapouriser which use battery charge instead of direct electricity.
    anyways you are doing an excellent job.


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