Friday, November 30, 2007

Brand Update : Taj Mahal Tea

Taj Mahal tea has launched a new variant : Dessert Tea. The dessert tea comes in three flavors like French Vanilla, Butterscotch, and Dulce. The new range comes in attractive packaging and is promoted with the brand ambassador Saif Ali Khan.

Dessert teas are new to India ( as far as I know). But it looks strikingly similar to Cappuccino . May be the product is just creamy tea with icecream flavors . What ever it may be , the brand looks tempting.
Taj Mahal Desset tea has the slogan " Pamper Yourself " and the ads are already in various magazines. The brand also has a hip-hop website
The brand is being positioned as a beverage to indulge in. When you are at office or at home, taking this brand will carry you to another world.
The brand is hoping to replicate the success of Bru Cappuccino. The brand stands out with its unique packaging which gives it a premium look. For tea lovers, it is a break from the usual monotony.
One thing to worry for this new range is the limited success that other innovations had in the tea segment. Lipton Iced tea was not a success despite high decibel advertising. However these new flavors and variants will bring back the excitement in the tea segment. Marketers were worried about this category ( tea) losing its charm among the youth. If successful, dessert teas will open new opportunities for tea marketers .
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