Monday, November 05, 2007

Brand Update : Lux

It seems this season is of Brand Updates. This time its for Lux. Lux has recently launched yet another variant : Lux Crystal Shine. The new variant has the shine of crystals and drops of moisturizer in it. The variant is positioned as one that gives luminous sensation or in plain language will make your skin shine.
In order to convince the customer that the soap contains CRYSTALS, Lux has added some " Gilt" into the soap and the soap gets a sparkling look.The new variant also features the new Lux Diva in Ms Priyanka Chopra.
Other than the new look, pack and fragrance, what is interesting about Crystal Shine is its ad campaigns. The ad campaign featuring Priyanka is an Indianised version of Lux Shine campaign from Argentina.
Watch the Original campaign here : Lux Shine
This campaign is popularly known as Lux Neon Girl campaign and this has won many creative accolades. The agency has just edited certain portions and added Priyanka at relevant places ( thanks to editing softwares) and the Indian version is ready.
The same technique was used in the Lux Haute Pink launch too. The question remains as to why a cash rich company like HUL use a campaign famous elsewhere in India instead of coming out with a much more original localized version? Why should a respected advertising giant like JWT ( India) do such Copy - Paste work?

I think that the reason is simple. HUL has been trying to introduce some of the famous global variants of Lux in India. Lux Pink and Crystal Shine is a part of Lux's profile in various countries. HUL is not sure about the success of these variants and may be hesitant to invest heavily in these variants which are Un-Indian. Hence the easy way out is to import the campaigns also. In the case of Crystal Shine advertisement, it was creatively appreciated worldwide hence HUL thought that it will work in India too. The success of AXE brand's international campaigns in India gives the company more reasons to import globally successful ads for the Indian variants.
I personally did not like both Lux Pink and Lux Crystal Shine Ads. Some where the connect was missing. The earlier campaigns involving the film stars were very Indian but these campaigns were totally out of sync ( Personal opinion). It may be that HUL does not want to take too many risks .......The problem is that if this trend continues, Lux will no longer have that " Customer Connect" which can hurt the brand in the long term. Although the packaging of both Pink and Crystal Shine are different, the Indianness is lost which I feel is dangerous.

Another disturbing fact is that Lux is increasingly diluting its primary associations with " Milk Cream " . For decades, Lux is known for its milk cream and the Celebrities. Both new variants do not have "milk cream ". The marketers are playing around with the core strength of Lux which I feel can hurt the brand in the long run.

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