Sunday, November 25, 2007

Brand Update : Kur-lon

After repositioning itself as a home decor brand, Kurl-on is back again focusing on its core product : mattress. The brand is now running a campaign focusing on the mattresses.
Watch the TVC here : Kurl-on
I like this ad because it is simple straight forward and excellently executed. This is a reminder ad to create brand awareness for Kurl-on. You will yawn after seeing the ad.
The new campaign makes sense because there can be a dilution of the of Kurl-on's association with mattresses since it had ventured into related products. So once in a while , the brand has to remind the customers about its main product.
From the beginning itself , Kurl-on had positioned itself as a sleep enabler. The new campaign is an execution of a smart execution of a simple idea.

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  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    The matrex brand advertisement is a good example of positioning strategy as it directly takes the viewers to the sleeping comfort.

  2. The ad is very simple and catchy!
    it is really catering to all segments of the society
    overall its awesome


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