Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brand Update : Crocin

Crocin is yet again in a repositioning exercise. The brand which was struggling itself to break the " fever pill " perception is trying to enter a new segment : Cold and Flu tablet segment.
Crocin was earlier trying to position itself as a pain reliever ( Analgesic) and met with limited success.
Crocin is trying to enter the domain of brands like Vicks Action 500 and D'cold with a new extension Crocin Cold N Flu.The television campaign is already on air.
Watch the TVC here : Crocin Cold N Flu
The execution of the ad is perfect and the message very straight forward. The brand is pitting head on with Vicks Action 500 by emphasizing on the four main symptoms of cold : headache, congested nose, back pain and throat pain. The message is strikingly similar to that of Vicks. However the execution is much more classy that that of Vicks Action 500. That means that Crocin variant is targeting urban crowd with this variant compared to the much more down to earth targeting of Vicks Action 500.

I feel that this time Crocin has got its positioning correct. I checked with a local druggist and to my surprise, the stock was sold out ( its rain out here....) . So the ads seems to have clicked.
One reason for the success of this variant is in the concept called Brand Association. In the Pain relief variant, the brand tried to downplay the brand's primary association with fever. That caused a confusion in the mind of the consumer. How can one take a fever pill for headache ?

This time the variant "Cold N Flu " takes the primary association into its advantage by using the term Flu with the brand name. This rings a bell since we feel that Catching cold is a symptom of catching fever. Hence the customers will feel much more secure by taking a pill which is a combination of ' Fever and Cold " remedy.

This variant is going to create some dent into the market dominated by Dcold and Vicks. I feel we are going to see a lot of sneezing models on television in days to come

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