Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brand Update : Vim

HUL is in an overdrive to promote the liquid variant of its popular Vim Dishwash bar. The new campaign is on air featuring two men ( I don't understand who they are and what they do !) spying on the households using the Vim drops.
Although the ads are poorly executed and can be rated as horrible, there are certain interesting facts about the new variant. There are two basic inhibitions that prevent Indian households from using the Liquid dishwash:
1. It is perceived to be expensive
2. As discussed in my post on Vim, since the TG uses home maids , they will use the drops in an uneconomical manner since they are not educated about using this new product.

One of the main purpose of the new high profile campaign is to pass the message to the customers that Vim Dish Drops are inexpensive.Another message address the second point which is critical i.e to prevent uneconomical usage. To counter this issue, Vim has yet again come out with a customer centric innovation. The brand now comes with a special cap that allows only one drop when squeezed thus preventing the over usage of this product. This innovation will also help the homemaker to make use of the economy of this highly concentrated variant.This is the second customer centric innovation after the popular Poly coated Vim bar.
But the new campaign is a let down and fails to communicate effectively the serious innovation that Vim has created.
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