Friday, July 20, 2007

Brand Update : Apache

Apache is getting bigger and better. Since the launch of the Apache, TVS has been bettering its promotion as well as the Product. This year saw the high profile launch of the new variant of Apache...... Apache RTR 160......

It is the racing variant of Apache. RTR stands for Racing Throttle Response. What essentially this Markonym means is that RTR is the Sporty version of Apache. The new variant is going to take on the high profile launches of Pulsar.

What I like most about Apache RTR 160 is the promotion. TVS has come out with an TVC that made me sit up and watch.

Watch the TVC here : Apache RTR

Apache has become a real macho with this ad. Superbly crafted, the ad relates Newton's three laws of motion with this brand. Ofcourse there is a dude and a dame but the idea is something that stands out and execution perfect. The product has many features that substantiates its calling itself a racing bike, and the ad clearly justify the proposition. I would rate the new ad 10/10.

TVS has a winner at hand. The pricing is not exorbitant and some more blockbuster campaigns can make Pulsar Sweat.

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