Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Brand Update : Alpenliebe

Alpenliebe has roped in Kajol as its brand ambassador.This is the first time in the 14 years of successful existence in the India, Perfetti Vanmelle is relying on celebrity endorsement.
The new TVC featuring Kajol and surprisingly an " Alligator" is right now on air

Watch The Tvc here : Kajol Alpenliebe

The new campaign is a classic example of Absurdism in Advertising . I feel that it is an overkill. The plot is nothing new, Kajol popes the candy at an Alligator at a zoo and the alligator follows Kajol everywhere. The brand now uses the tagline "Lalach Aha Laplap" which is in Hindi language and I couldn't make out the meaning of it. Agencyfaqs says that it means, once you have Alpenliebe, the greed for more increases.
According to a report in agencyfaqs, the company feels that Kajol is the right fit for the brand and will help to take the brand to the next level.I have a doubt?
Can the presence of a celebrity take the brand to the next level?
I think that Celebrity endorsement will work only if used properly ( No brainer isn't it) .Here we can see that Kajol is not being adding any value to the brand as such.There is no Big Idea, no differentiation or positioning. The idea of "greed for more" has been used by almost all the brands across categories. Even Pepsi has used it with its famous tagline " Ye Dil Maange More" ( My heart desires for more). Alpenliebe has used this idea in a subtle form in its earlier campaigns and was highly successful ,but the new campaign is an overkill.

So the expensive celebrity with an equally expensive ad (I feel that the animation may have cost the brand a hell lot of money) is of no use to the brand. It is true that there will be some sticky factor because of the presence of Kajol in the ads, but I doubt whether the ad will take the brand to the next level.The ad agency have taken an easy route by not searching for any refreshing new idea. Playing Safe and using Ideas that are oft used is not going to make any big change in the Brand.

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Source : Agencyfaqs.com