Friday, February 16, 2007

Brand Update : Vimal

Reliance has rejuvenated the once iconic Vimal Brand. Ads have started appearing in the media. The brand retains the famous " Only Vimal " tag. Reports say that the brand is being positioned as a High Fashion brand and is supported by fashion and stitching experts from Italy. This is reflected in the new range of Suitings "Alta Moda" collection that is being promoted in the print ad.It is a glad news for all of those who grew up with the Vimal and saw it sidelined by the company for other strategic reasons. Vimal now faces the task of getting into the consideration set of the new generation who have forgotten this brand.The brand now faces the competition from Raymond's who filled the void left by Vimal.The relaunch of Vimal will the Test of marketing skill of Reliance.

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