Monday, February 19, 2007

Brand Update : Maggi

A good marketer is never tired of innovation and is never bored about his brands . That quality is visible in Maggi's relentless pursuit to make its brand's position permanent in the Indian consumer's dining table. 2007 saw another innovation from this super brand in the form of Rice Noodle. The rice noodle comes in three flavours : Lemon Masala, Shahi pulao and Chilly Chow. The brand has given one more reason for Mothers to give Noodles to their children. The new products are in tune with the Nestle's vision of moving into healthy foods. This innovation will go a long way in reinforcing the brand equity of Maggi. Currently ads are running in all major channel for Rice Noodles. Although the ads are Hindi skewed, I am sure no one is complaining.

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