Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pedigree : We're For Dogs

Brand : Pedigree
Company: Effem India
Agency: TBWA India

Brand Count: 188

Pedigree is world's largest pet food brand . The brand is owned by the Mars group which also manufacturers confectionary products. In India Pedigree is marketed through a 100% subsidiary Effem India Pvt Ltd. Pedigree was launched in India in 2001. The brand is all set to cater to the boom in pet food market largely accounted to the changing lifestyle of Indian consumers.

The Indian pet food market is large estimated to be in the tune of Rs 1500 crore. It is estimated that India has around 4 million pet dogs and the consumption of petfoods is at 4 lakh tonnes per annum. That is a big market and is expected to grow at around 35% per year.
Although many players are already there in the market, Indian petfood market is still in its nascent stage. Almost all global players like Nestle,Royal canine,Hill, Lams, Ralston are fighting it out in the market. Pedigree is considered to be the brand that is expected to lead this market.

The petfood market is seeing comeptition not among the brands but these brands are competing with the home food that is given to the dogs. Unlike the West, Pet owners seldom look( aware) at the nutritional needs of their pets.
According to the petfood marketers, the nutritional needs of dogs is 5- 8 times higher than the humans. Hence giving the same food that we eat will create nutritional deficiancy in the dog. But there are vetenarians who argue that commercial petfoods are harmful for the pets. The fight goes on..

Pedigree has embarked upon a comprehensive marketing campaign for developing its brand. Although well known across the globe, this brand has new challenges in the Indian market. The main challenge is to educate the pet owners that Pedigree offers more nutritional value for the dog than the ordinary food. Second is to convince spending a premium on petfoods. The cost of giving Pedigree to a dog works out to be Rs 25 per day.

Pedigree is positioned on the nutritional platform and the ads try to educate the consumer that ordinary food can make the dog lazy and inactive. Globally the brand is positioned using the tagline " We're For Dogs" while in India this has been modified to " We care for the Dog".The company have ensured a strong distribution network and is also trying to get the retailers to influence and educate the pet owners. The brand is also tapping events to popularise the brand.
Although now purchases are yet to pick up, the brand is now in a position to tap the growth curve once the market becomes positive towards petfood.

source: businessline,magindia,