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Maaza : Real Mango in the Bottle

Brand : Maaza
Company: Coca Cola
Agency: Leo Burnett

Brand Count : 184

Maaza is the market leader in the Rs 600 crore Indian Fruit drinks market. The brand which is now 30 years old have an iconic status in the segment. The brand came into existence in 1976. The brain child of Parle's Chauhan, the brand came into Coke's fold in 1993. Like Thums Up and Limca, Maaza also had its own power to live.

Although the Indian soft drinks market is huge- valued around Rs 2 billion, the non carbonated drinks constitutes only 10% of the total market. With the Indian consumers expected to become more health conscious in the coming decade, the non carbonated market will witness a huge growth in coming years. The non carbonated drinks are dominated by fruit based drinks. The fruit based drinks market is further classified into Fruit Juice and Fruit Drinks and Fruit Nectar market. Fruit Juices typically have more than 85% fruit juice content while Fruit Drinks contain less than 15% fruit content. The rest is included in the fruit nectar category. While Maaza is the leader in the fruit drinks category, Dabur's Real is the leader in the fruit juice category. The nectar category is dominated by Frooti.
Maaza brand is synonym with the Real Mango. The brand initially was positioned as " Mango in the Bottle". The rich creamy taste of Maaza ratified the positioning and gave the brand a huge fan following. Along its product life cycle, the brand changed its positioning in tune with the times but keeping its core value intact. Although Pepsi tried to break into this market with its Slice brand, it was not able to make a market owing to the lack of clear positioning.

Maaza had the famous tagline" Botal Main AAM, Maaza hai Naam" translated loosely to " Mango in the Bottled Named as Maaza". The brand later metamorphosed to include the fun element. The tagline was changed to the famous jingle " Taaza Mango , Maaza Mango" loosely translated to" Excitement of Mango with Maaza".
Maaza was targeted at the whole family. The brand's primary consumers are children and the company at one point tried to tame the mothers ( influencers) by the campaign relating the brand to health. Maaza boasts to be fortified with calcium. Although kids are a huge fan of the brand,Maaza was clever enough not to restrict itself to being a Kid's drink. The new campaign featuring Satish Shah takes the brand to the next level of Friendship and Fun. The brand is laddering up to higher state of Friendship moments and is trying to tell the consumer " How drinking Maaza brings People together" : A tall order for a fruit drink... I still feel that the original positioning of Real Mango in Bottle still make sense.

The core brand value for Maaza is "Wholesome Funfilled Real Fruit Experience". The brand over these 30 long years has seldom diluted the core values. One time it changed its track was in 2001 where the brand tried to come out with Orange and Pineapple variants. Customers rejected it . It is a sort of Non-sense to extend a brand known as Mango in the Bottle to other flavours.
Maaza also experimented with packaging . The brand has ventured into smart attractive 1.5 litre Pet bottles and even to tetrapack. The brand also changed the look and changed its logo to become more contemporary.Coke surprisingly has spent considerable amount of money to build and sustain this brand. The brand returned the favour by being the largest selling fruit drink brand in India.

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