Saturday, January 13, 2007

Brand Update : Lays

Lays has launched its new variant Lay's Stax in India. Although this brand was launched way back in 2005, the brand was limited to select outlets in select markets. This year saw the national launch of Stax. Lay's Stax is a fabricated potato chips which is positioned as healthy snack. The product launch is in line with Pepsico's new orientation towards healthy foods. Stax contains zero trans-fat, no added MSG and is cholesterol free. The brand is targeted towards the young health conscious people. The brand comes in a canister pack which has the unique pullout tray. Pringles was the only brand that has this packaging. The rationale behind this variant is to keep the brand ahead interms of being the innovation leader and also tap the increasingly health conscious Indian consumers.The brand comes in 7 flavours which is enough to keep the Indian consumers testing (tasting) the brand for a long time. These innovations keep Lay's exciting and creates a strong entry barrier for competitors. Lay's have a market share of around 50% in the Rs 1800 crore organised salty snacks market in India. Low fat snacks is definitely a high potential market taking into consideration the changing lifestyle of Indians.

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