Wednesday, June 28, 2006

WorldSpace : Unlimited Music

Brand : WorldSpace
Company: Worldspace India Ltd
Agency: Enterprise Nexus
Brand Count : 95
WorldSpace is a pioneer in the satellite radio business.
Worldspace was launched in India 5 years back is now getting their act together. This brand is all set to revolutionize the way Indians listen to music ( provided they make the right moves).

During the initial launch phase Worldspace faced lot of problems with regard to all the 4 P's of marketing. Since it was an entirely new product, the customers had to be educated about it and it is never easy. The fact that Indians was new to the concept of Paying subscription for a radio service made it more difficult for this brand to make headway.

With regard to the pricing also WorldSpace was launched with exorbitant price both for its receiver and the subscription which putoff the "value conscious" Indian consumer. Reports also say that initially the company faced problems in sourcing receivers for Indian market. All these factors virtually killed the future if this brand.

Last year saw the relaunch of WorldSpace . The brand was relaunched with aggressive marketing using TV Print and outdoor campaigns. The company rightfully reduced the entry price barrier by bringing in receivers that costs less than Rs.1500 . The subscription rates was also rationalized. This created a huge wave of interest in the Indian market. With 35 channels that offered unmatched range of entertainment with an affordable price tag was an offer that was too good to resist.

The first set of consumers who took the product was the retail shops. Worldspace offered an alternative to the conventional CD players. Now even a small retail shop can afford to have channel music without bothering about CD's.

Although the retail Shops have embraced this brand, it is still a tough call for Worldspace to enter into households. Although the ads have generated lot of interest among the music lovers, the subscription rate ( although it is reasonable) is playing spoilsports. This calls for much more than Non Personal promotions. It will be better if WorldSpace also look at meeting consumers directly and convince them about this beautiful service.I feel that since this product is new to Indian consumer, it needs some personal selling efforts. Once the brand breaks into the Indian households, the brand can sit back and relax.
This is a brand which has great potential and is going to create ripples in Indian entertainment industry.


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    To the holder of worldspace
    Life is worth when there is magic and music
    Life itself is magic and along with this magical life when we came across this worldspace music it was worth for us to know in this worldly space we have a icon worldspace i say this words as a part of Indian for India (we do agree)
    The present form of knowledge, art, music and entertainment what more please pray we get back this backbone of enlightment knowledge and soul music which shall allow us to play this life with more happiness
    Life is worth when there is magic and music
    Maajis world


  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Also World space should have tried spending money on R&D to come up with receiver for Automobile. As the Automobile market is growing at CAGR 15% it would have garnered a decent market share and revenue for a niche service.


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