Monday, June 05, 2006

Chlormint: Dobara Math Poochna

Brand : Chlormint
Company: Perfetti Vanmelle
Agency: Mccann Erikson

The indian confectionary market is estimated to be around 1200 crore and the mouth freshner market is estimated to be around 40 crore. The mint flavored confectionary market is around 175 crore.
The mint market is now witnessing lot of competition. The market is dominated by Nestle's Polo which commands around 80% share. The other players include the brand Chlorets from Warner Lambert and the brands in the gum category like Happy Dent.

Chlormint was launched in 1997 in its green candy version followed by the gum variant. In 2003 Perfetti introduced the ice candy version. The market for this type of candy are those who wants fresh breath and those who smoke. The age group of TG is 15- 34.
Since confectionaries are impulse purchases and brand loyalty at the lower side, it is a big challenge for the marketers to keep the brand at the top the mind of the consumers. Perfetti knows the secret and Chlormint shows how to keep the brand interesting.
The ads of Chlormint asks the consumers the same question which any marketer asks themselves " Log Chlormint kyun Khathe hain?" . The answer, the ads say, is that it contains Herbasol which provides fresh breath. It may seem intially that the brand is trying to differentiate itself on the basis of its ingredient " Herbasol". But in reality the brand is just trying to say that its different and everyone knows it.
As with most of the brands, the ad agency thinks that the core market for these products is North India, hence the ads are heavy with Hindi and if translated to South Indian Languages will kill its humor and purpose. So most of Chlormint ads fail to click with non hindi speaking consumers.
The ads are outright funny( for those who understands it ) and always brings up a smile . In that way the brand is successful in keeping the excitement on,. There are many versions of " Dobara Math Poochna " campaign and the latest " Puppy beta" series is the funniest. The brand is positioned worldwide with the baseline " get closer".