Friday, June 23, 2006

MotoPEBL: Inspired by Nature

Brand : MotoPEBL
Company: Motorola
Agency: O&M

MotoPebl is the new range of handsets from Motorola.

Although Motorola has been there in India for a while , it had not been able to break into the Nokia fortress so far. Nokia is commanding a staggering 78% market share while Motorola is having 4.6 %.Never the less Indian market is growing leaps and bounds.

MotoPebl was launched in April 2006 after the success of MotoRZR and MotoSLVr is set to shake up the Indian market. Moto Pebl is a pathbreaking move by Motorola in many respect. With regard to the product characteristics, promotion and pricing, Motopebl is showing us that Motorola has finally discovered the marketing manthra to succeed in Indian market.

This brand is different from the other Motorola brands in the sense that MotoPebl focuses more on design and aesthetics rather than technology. Motopebl is inspired by nature. The promotion is also a significant shift from the earlier promotions. Motorola is perceived to be a technology company. Most of the ads were busy talking about the features of the product. I remember seeing double spread ads talking about the technology that was a immediate putoff for a non tech geek.

Motopebl talks to the right side of the brain. The ads are simple and so sharp that it provokes the TG to try out the product, that is the success of the campaign. The ads are so short and sharp that it is going to save Motorola lot of money. In the pricing also Motopebl is different because it is priced reasonably at 10990.

MotoPebl by all means have the potential to be a best seller. Nokia better watch out..