Sunday, September 14, 2014

Zorrik 88 : Why this great product is not promoted?

Brand : Zorrik 88
Company : Pidilite
Brand analysis count : #549

There are some very useful products in the market which has great usefulness  and potential but seldom promoted by the brand owners. Zorrik 88 is one such product from Pidilite. I have neither heard of this brand before nor remember seeing any ad. I came across this brand when suggested by a hardware store.
I faced a nagging problem of a rusty and squeaky garage gate. Come rainy season,the gate become rusty and the wheels stuck. Putting lubricating oils seldom gave relief.Then one hardware store suggested Zorrik 88. The pack of the brand says it is a quick maintenance spray that cleans,protects lubricates and displaces moisture. Costing ₹60  for a 32 g bottle I thought of giving a try. A couple of spray into the wheels of the gate and bingo the gates began to roll smoothly without any noise.
A nagging problem solved in a minute.
Zorrik 88 was launched in 2006 and is positioned as a quick maintenance spray.  
I was left wondering why this brand was not promoted because rustiness and squeaky hinges and doors are a common problem in many households. This works better than the messy lubricating oil and has more convenience and ease of use than the oil. The problem with these type of products is that consumers search for these products only when the problem surfaces. There is little chance of consumers stock these product anticipating these issues. However in my opinion,this is a really useful product worth promoting. 


  1. Sir, I would have never come to know about this product unless u have not written it, so word of mouth is their strategy , anyway ;) great article sir.

  2. Jinesh Damodaran3:59 PM

    Immediate recollection after reading this post was of a product called Brasso Metal Polish.

  3. May be because it might be a reverse engineered WD 40? and they are afraid of the lawsuits, just IMO.

  4. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I use this product to remove tar stains in my car. very effective. spray it on the tar spots . leave it for 10-15 mins and then wipe of with a detergent soaked cloth.


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