Saturday, February 09, 2013

Brand Update : Sprite continues its Bakwaas

If ads are any indication of brand's strength, Sprite is in deep trouble. Ever since the brand discarded its 
 "N o Nonsense " positioning , the brand has been struggling with its message. In that process, Sprite has just become another softdrink brand which promises instant attraction of females.
This summer of 2013, Sprite again went one notch down in the creative execution of the core brand mantra . The tvc is a huge disappointment and virtually kills all the equity that the brand gained through is previous campaign which talked about Sprite quenching thirst and nothing else.

Watch the new ad : Sprite 2013
 And just look at the totally boring tagline " Chalo apni chaal " which virtually puts the protagonist as a schemer or a trickster which is just opposite to the earlier positioning of the brand as a no-nonsense drink.

The brand owners should have put some kind of quality standards for India's biggest non-cola softdrink's campaign. These kind of campaigns and taglines are ultimately going to make the brand go down interms of  its uniqueness. Now these brands are advertising like deodorants and aphrodisiacs and the primary aim of the protagonist is to get the girl. 

Grow up guys, Sprite bujhai only pyaas, baaki sab bakwaas.


  1. I have checked tvc of Sprite and your analysis is good enough. and i also dont like their tagline as I personally believe that the taglines can make or break you. People know just by the sound of it if it's interesting enough to them.

  2. Wow seriously the slogan for sprite is very silly. Chalo apni chaal, i mean don't we all chaltay hai apni chaal. We all have different ways to walk with literally meaning lol i think "beat the thirst" sounds a lot better then chaltay hai apni chaal. English is the second language in India, Pakistan and every middle eastern countries. Chalo apni chaal sounds too Fobby to me lol kheir, nice detailed post you got here Harish. Take care -Alex

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  4. Jinesh Damodaran5:50 PM

    yet again..last one was the launch of 'University of freshology'..earlier it was 'seedhi baat, no bakwaas', prior to that 'no gyaan only sprite' and started off with 'Bhujaye only pyaas, baki all bakwaas'

    Out of all this the best was the maiden one 'Bhujaye pyaas' as it had got all the means to be rightly perceived due to its functional attribute 'quench thirst'..the rest were all too abstract a concept except 'University of Freshology' which generated some likeness. It seems Coca cola has it in its genes to dilute the original brand promise. 'Taste the thunder' now has become 'Aaj kuch toofani karte hain'..'Lime n Lemony Limca' now has become 'Pyaas badhao'

  5. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Do not quit your day job ... if if you are going to do such superficial attempt at deconstructing marketing exercises ... My opinion is not based on this post only.

    Unless it is a student interaction then i apologise ... it may work if the are in ,kth 101.

    It would have been interesting if you could have backed your rant with some form of data or any kind of qualifier ... this is not a movie review... Thankfully there is not much traction on your page so I guess "no harm no fouls" ... Do your few followers a favour and move from evangelical to evangelising (small difference specially coming from a secular person)


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