Monday, June 20, 2011

Zuska : Make a Smart Move

Brand : Zuska
Company : Zodhita Health Solutions

Brand Analysis Count : # 485

There is another deodorant brand in town. The new kid on the block is the brand named Zuska. Although the brand was launched a year back, I presume the brand is launched  nationally only now and the advertisement campaigns are run across various television channels.

Zuska is a brand from Zodhita Pharmaceuticals - a Mumbai based Pharma company. The company has mega plans to conquer large share of the Rs 700 crore Indian Deo spray market.
In my earlier brand analysis on deo products, I had observed the lack of differentiation among the players. Every one was positioning their brand as something that attracts the opposite sex to the extent that the deo ads were becoming disgusting.

The solace about Zuska is that  brand owners had tried to bring in some differentiation on this brand by bringing in the dreaded Bacteria that is blamed for the bad smell of the sweat. Since bacteria neither have a union nor it can fast unto death, one should believe the claims of the brand.According to the brand, sweat does not have smell, it is the bacteria that causes the foul smell. Zuska will act as a barrier and will not allow the bacteria into the skin and thus prevent the sweat smell from happening. Atlast some brand is talking about something other than attracting females.

Watch the campaign : Zuska 
The ads which are now showing in the television is 30 sec ads which shows a fugitive ( or whatever) chased by the Police and even after running through the forest, there is no sweat . The ads are pretty basic and the plot is unclear. How ever the message is loud and clear and the bacteria looks  like caterpillars as usual.

The brand is trying to differentiate using three platforms - 
a. The USP of the brand is its anti-bacterial properties which I think is first in the category. The brand has to be congratulated for bringing in such a thought. 
b. The brand is also trying to differentiate using the form factor . Zuska is focusing on Deo Stick rather than body sprays in the commercials. Zuska has bodyspray in the product line but seems to recreate the category of deo sticks. 
c. Zuska also is differentiating itself using packaging. The package is new and standsout from the rest of the deo brands.

So Zuska has done its homework well and the rest is upto the effectiveness of the brand and its distribution reach. Zuska has adopted the tagline " Make a Smart Move ".  When the brand was launched in 2010, it had the tagline " Reach for More ". The ads doesn't convey any relevant meaning of the tagline. Perhaps the brand is talking about making a smart move by choosing the brand. Zuska has launched 4 sub-brands /fragrances - Odyssey, Rythem, Icon and Viva. Icon is the men's range. Besides the deo product line, the brand is also bringing in foot spray and deo soaps.

Regarding brand names, it is often said that choosing brand names is a risky affair because the names can take different meaning in different languages and contexts. Sadly Zuska also fell prey for such a small issue. When I saw the ad, I did a google search and landed up in a Wikipedia page of Zuska's Disease . Accidentally the brand shares its name with a rare disease. Although this may not affect the brand's sales or future, it is a reminder of the hundred of risks that a brand will face in its life.

Zuska is a relief in the cluttered deo market that has been stuck with the formula of chasing females. The brand has some clarity on the differentiation and how it is going to take off from here is what matters.