Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eno : Works in 6 Seconds

Brand : Eno
Company : Glaxo Smithkline Beecham

Brand Analysis Count : # 486

Eno is one of the major players in the Rs 400 crore antacid market. The brand is market leader in the segment closely followed by Gelusil and Digene. Eno is a heritage brand . The brand was born in 1850 created by James Grossely Eno and the product was so successful that  brand immortalized the founder. The brand was acquired by GSK in 1938. Ever since the brand has grown to become a $40 million brand. The brand is currently selling in 34 countries and India features prominent in the list. The brand was launched in India in 1972.

Eno is basically a fruit salt. The brand is special because of its unique powder form. The brand gives immediate relief to problems associated with gastric disorders and indigestion. The brand has been growing very fast in the segment owing to the rise in the lifestyle diseases faced by Indian consumers. Gastric problems are invariably linked to sedentary lifestyle and food habits. The rise in such problems has made the brand grow CAGR of  25% in 2009-10. 

One of the factors that created huge brand equity for Eno is the consistency in positioning.Eno, ever since its launch . The brand's basic promise is " Faster Relief " . What is more interesting is that Eno has quantified the benefit and tells the customer that Eno works with in 6 seconds. These two propositions has created huge brand recall and salience. 
Eno also invested heavily in campaigns. The brand had series of campaign highlighting its unique form and quick relief. One of the disadvantage faced by the brand because of the form was convenience. Since it was in powder form, it is not as convenient as tablets . To counter this, the brand launched Eno tablet in 2004. While the major competitors of Eno were tablets, Eno had the advantage of being fruit based and perceived to be healthy . 
The success of Eno prompted many players like Dr Morepen to enter the market with similar product. But competition could not sustain in the market or could disturb the leadership of Eno. How ever , the brand faced lot of category competition. Gelusil , Digene etc invested heavily in campaigns which gave tough competition for Eno. 
Eno countered this competition by innovating and not being complacent. To increase the choice /variety and to create excitement in the market, the brand launched four different flavors. The brand also introduced another variant which had Pudina as one of the ingredient. The introduction of flavors make the brand more approachable and effectively counters the competition brands like Hajmola. The brand also launched Eno in sachets. In the promotional front, the brand recently tied up with a bollywood movie " Yamla pagla dewaana".

Eno is a brand that did all possible strategies to defend its leadership position.The brand changed with times, introduced variants, invested in promotional campaigns to keep its share of the market.