Monday, May 09, 2011

Polycrol : Express Relief

Brand : Polycrol
Company : Piramal Healthcare

Brand Analysis Count : # 481

Indian Antacid market is worth around Rs 250 crores and growing at around 10% annually. The market offlate has been witnessing lot of activity with major players running a series of campaign across the media. 
The antacid market consists of prescription products and OTC products. Many brands have crossed over to OTC market to tap the larger potential market. 
Polycrol is a brand from Piramal group that is now launched nationally in the OTC antacid market. The brand which has a 40 year old history is a popular brand in the eastern markets of India. The brand is currently running a series of campaign in the television media.
The Indian antacid market is dominated by brands like Digene, Gelusil, Pudin Hara Eno etc. Digene is mainly a prescription brand while Gelusil is the leading brand in the OTC segment. 
Polycrol has chosen a benefit positioning approach. The brand, like Gelusil, is positioned as a brand that helps people to indulge as a foodie without any fear. But compared to Gelusil, Polycrol was able to execute the positioning in an interesting manner.

Watch the ads here : Polycrol ad 1, Polycrol ad 2 

The brand rightly captured the benefit of the product and conveyed in a simple but effective manner. 
In a marketing perspective, the brand was able to create an awareness through this campaign. Although this brand is in existence for over 40 years, I came to know about this brand only after the current ad campaign. 
Polycrol has entered the market which has brands like Gelusil. Gelusil has unmatched brand awareness and equity in the market. So fighting the leader is not easy for Polycrol.

Through the current campaign, although Polycrol has established awareness, the critical question is How this brand is better /different from other antacid brands ? Since the brand has positioned itself in the same platform as Gelusil, the question of differentiation arises. 

Polycrol is now promoting its nano pack priced at Rs 15 but does not talk much on the differentiation aspect. The thinking is that since Gelusil does not have a credible competitor , creating awareness and parity will drive more sales for the brand. The next step for the brand is to create the point of difference which is credible and sustainable. 
The pack talks about 'Express Relief ' and I think that the brand will be trying to differentiate on that platform.  It will be an interesting brand to watch for .

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