Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brand Update : Fiama Di Wills targets Men

Fiama Di Wills , the premium brand from ITC has now turned attention towards the growing men's grooming market. The brand has relaunched its range targeting the ever- beauty-conscious men by extending the Fiama Di Wills brand. 
Fiama Di Wills tried to enter the men's market in 2009 by launching a sub-brand Aqua Pulse. Fiama Di Wills Aqua Pulse shower gel was the product launched during that year.
This season saw a relaunch of the brand in shower gel and soap (bathing bar) form. Fiama Di Wills is currently running a TVC for the extension.
Watch the ad here : Fiama Men
This time around , the brand restricted the Aqua Pulse sub-brand to the shower gel variant and is using Fiama Di Wills brand to endorse the bathing bar while Aqua Pulse is mentioned in very small font.The main USP of the new variant is the sea minerals ingredient.

ITC has been putting heavy investment on the Vivel and Fiama brand portfolio. The brand has huge share of voice across the media. The equity of Fiama Di Wills will drive the initial sales of this variant.

I thought of Fiama Di Wills as a unisex brand and even though Deepika Padukone is the brand ambassador , the brand has been targeting both the genders. The launch of a specialized soap exclusively for men points to the effort of the brand to target this segment using a separate product. The launch also points to the recent trend in the Indian consumer family where individuals members like husband , wife, kids etc use separate  brands. 
One factor I noticed about Fiama Di Wills is the absence of a positioning platform for the parent brand. When the brand was launched, it had the positioning - Beautiful you , today , tomorrow. Later the tagline was lost among the numerous variants and campaigns. With the launch of multiple products targeting various segments, the brand needs to have a common positioning platform which connects all the variants together. Otherwise, the brand will have a confused state of existence in the consumer's mind. 

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  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    pls write on Dettol........

  2. ITC has succeeded in commodities, biscuits but to succeed in Hair care will prove their marketing skills, i somehow suspect they have not got their positioning right. SRK was chosen as brand ambassador for biscuits, now maybe they have to choose Sachin as brand ambassador for their personal care products. Whether they are going to meet their waterloo in this product category only time will tell


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